trucking125Last Saturday, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, Tom Kelly, a field officer for the FMCSA, gave an update on some changes in the works for agency’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program

According to Kelly, a study that evaluates both the impact of implementing crash fault weighting into CSA scores and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ability to implement such a system is still being reviewed by the agency and peers, prior to its release.

Even though he didn’t say when the crash weighting report would be released, Kelly did say the agency will announce its next potential steps regarding crash accountability when the report is released.

Per Kelly, the report is looking to answer the following questions:

•Do police accident reports provide consistent, efficient and reliable information to support crash weighting determinations?

•Will the process make CSA a stronger predictor of future crash risk, and how might it be weighted in CSA’s Safety Measurement System?

•How would FMCSA manage the process for making crash weighting determinations and how would the agency implement public input?

Kelly did not elaborate on any specifics as to what the agency has found in their research in writing the report.

Kelly also spoke on the progress of two rulemakings underway regarding CSA, saying for both CSA’s new Safety Measurement System website proposal and its proposed changes to the DataQs system, the agency is reviewing and considering public comment before creating the final rules for both.

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